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PEACE JOINT·2018年3月30日金曜日

日本 ワンコ&ニャンコ 殺処分数 5.6万頭!! (ワンコ1万頭・ニャンコ4.万頭  2016年度)
Japan number of dogs and cats being destroyed 56 thousand!! ( Dogs 1thousand Cats 4.6thousand. Year 2016)

ドイツ ワンコ&ニャンコ殺処分 0頭…
Germany number of dogs and cats being destroyed 0

What do you think is the difference??


In Japan when your lovely dogs and cats are killed by an accident it is considered as damage to property…

Pet shops??

貰い手のいない子たちが殺されているのを知ってて ショーウインドウからプレゼントだと言って子供に買ってあげるの?
Are you going to give your child as a present from the show window knowing that others are being killed because nobody will take them.

日本では、『保健所に連れて行かれたら 2週間でガス室で殺されちゃう』と子供の頃から《常識》のように刷り込まれる…
In Japan we have been imprinted scince we are kid that they are going to be killed after 2 weeks they are taken to health center…

そう。 みんな知らないし、疑いも持たない…
Yes, nobody knows and nobody doubt…

I want you to know!!

That we have other ways..!!

If we all know we can make a change..!!

That common sense is not common..!!

だから みんなが気づくまで 踊り続けます。
So I will keep on dancing untill we all realize.

本当に世界をよくしたいなら… まずは鏡の中の自分自身から変えてみよう…
If you wanna make the world a better place … Take a look at yourself, and then make a change…

executive committee PEACE JOINT